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Welcome to Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu, A Long Island Jiu Jitsu academy catering to practitioners of all ages and skill levels. Our academy is dedicated to providing a diverse range of classes to meet the unique needs of our community. Whether you’re an adult looking to embark on a new fitness journey, a parent seeking an enriching activity for your child, or a seasoned competitor striving for excellence, Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu has something for everyone.

For our adult students, we offer dynamic and comprehensive classes that cater to individuals of all skill levels. Our experienced instructors focus on fundamental techniques, advanced strategies, and physical conditioning to ensure a well-rounded and fulfilling Jiu Jitsu experience. The camaraderie and support within our adult classes create an encouraging environment for personal growth, fitness, and skill development.

At Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu, we understand the importance of instilling discipline, confidence, and self-defense skills in our younger generation. That’s why we proudly offer Kids Classes designed to make learning Jiu Jitsu engaging and enjoyable. Our experienced and patient instructors guide children through the fundamentals while fostering a positive and empowering atmosphere.

For those with a competitive spirit, Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu offers specialized Competition Classes tailored to individuals aspiring to test their skills on the mat. These classes focus on advanced techniques, strategy development, and mental resilience to prepare athletes for success in local and regional competitions. Join us at Heavyweight Jiu Jitsu, where we cater to every age group and skill level, fostering a community that celebrates the diverse aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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